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Airdolphin Mark-Zero/Pro

エアドルフィン Mark-Zero/Pro

These high-performance small wind turbines were created through the combined talent from the Japanese government, industry, and academia. The first model was the Airdolphin Mark-Zero by Zephyr. Airdolphin Pro followed, a model developed as an innovative independent power source targeted for the telecom market. It reduces various electric generation costs for remote base stations such as fuel costs, and has attracted the attention of mobile operators around the world.

Energy Production

Airdolphin Mark-Zero/Pro (Z-1000-24/Z-1000-48) Energy Production
Annual Mean Wind Speed (m/s) 3 4 5 6 7 8
Annual Energy Production (kWh) 260 660 1,260 2,050 2,970 3,930
* These are theoretical data based on wind analysis, and not guaranteed figures.
* Energy loss due to battery charge/discharge and inverters is not taken into account.


Airdolphin Mark-Zero Airdolphin Pro
Model Number Z-1000-24 Z-1000-48
Wind Turbine Type Horizontal axis, Up-wind
Rotor Diameter 1800 mm (5'10-7/8")
Mass 18 kg (39.7 lbs)
Tower Diameter 48.6 mm (1-15/16")
Number of Blades 3
Blade Construction Carbon fiber laminate over solid foam core
Blade Mass (per piece) 380 g (13 oz)
Blade Method Interlock hub mounting
Body Material Aluminum diecast
Body Construction Block puzzle structure
Product Finish Powder coating
Generator Three-phase power generator with permanent neodymium iron boron magnet
Control Systems 1. Power Assist System
2. Maximum Output Management
3. RPM Control
4. Safety Control
5. Data Communication
Protection Circuit Built-in
Yaw Control Free yaw (360 degrees)
Direction Control Original Swing-Rudder System
Cut-in Wind Speed 2.5 m/s
Rated Power -
DC Output of Wind Turbine 1kW (Wind Speed: 12.5m/s), 674W (Wind Speed: 11m/s)
Annual Energy Production 1,260kWh (Annual Mean Wind Speed: 5m/s)
Maximum Rotor Speed 1000 rpm
Rated Output Voltage DC25V DC50V
Communication System (Signal Output) RS-485
Battery Capacity Recommendation Stand-alone system:more than 420Ah
Wind Turbine Class -